Top Tips to Survive Christmas

Posted on 24/12/2013 by Webmaster

Top Tips for Christmas

Christmas can be a stressful time

The top tips to survive and thrive this Christmas season include: 

  • Have realistic expectations of yourself – Only do things you know you are capable of.
  • Don’t get overloaded by a busy Christmas schedule - prioritise and know that less is more
  • Don’t try to do it all on Christmas Day - spread your jobs out over a few days
  • Try to work together with family and friends, more hands make light work
  • Show appreciation to those who have helped out.
  • If you are alone, make a plan to do something you enjoy or get together with friends
  • Budget well and plan ahead
  • Find even a small amount of time everyday to just “chill out and relax”
  • Get enough sleep: Chronic sleep deprivation can affect your mood which can be a key factor in raising stress levels
  • Limit your intake of alcohol
  • Eat healthy: Cut back on stimulants like caffeine and sugar
  • SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP IF YOU NEED IT: If you feel that depression is getting the better of you, there are lots of people that can help.