Member's Contributions

 This page has been set up to allow members to make contribusions to the Group's website.  These contributions can be of any type - short stories, poetry, random thoughts.

All contributions will be posted anonymously i.e. with no attribution so members can be sure that their identity will be protected. The Committee of Trustees will be responsible for monitoring these posts and it will be in the Committee's sole discretion as to whether to post any contributions to the website. 

Contributions can be submitted through the usual contact address. Prospective contributors are respectfully requested to bear in mind that this is a public forum and to tailor their contributions with this in mind.


      WHO IS ME? 

Who is me?

Someone who loves to dance

A chance to perform several times a year

Singing in the shower to the annoyance of the neighbour

Love to read books from my Kindle

On sunny days taking our dog Roxy to the park

Having lunch out in a restaurant or in a pub

Or having coffee with a friend for a long chat


Who is me?

What a wonderful day. Everything is wonderful

So much to do, not enough time in the day

Met my friends who enjoy me being so witty and laugh at my jokes

The dance teacher is impressed with my energetic moves

I have so much energy. I want to dance forever

Met a friend for coffee. I have so much to say

Patiently she listens to my constant chatter


Who is me?

Where is that small hole in the ground that I could fit into?

The world is too bright and noisy

I just want to fit into that black hole

Where there will be no light or sound

Away from a world that has so many wars and the air so polluted

A place I can find where it is quiet and peaceful


Who is me?

I wake up into a nightmare world

Everything I see or hear is so depressing

I feel so sad and the tears keep flowing

The time passes slowly. Life seems so bleak

I can't see a future or look to my past

Life for me is at an end. Thoughts of suicide beckon.


Who is me?

I just want to sleep the day away

No interest in life, dancing, friends or family

I cannot be bothered to do anything

Every movement I make is such an effort

I feel so weak and the energy is gone

One day drifts into another. Drifting, drifting.


Who is me?

Good, my mind is normal again

What a relief, I can enjoy life

My friends welcome me back

I am so glad they understand

My family are also happy I am me again

Back to dancing and for a meal down the pub


Is this me?

Is this me?