Beating Bipolar- an internet based educational treatment for Bipolar

Posted on 19/02/2013.

Beating Bipolar  - an internet based educational treatment for Bipolar

Bipolar UK are delighted to be working with the Beating Bipolar team at Cardiff University. 

Launched in January 2011, Beating Bipolar is the first web-based education treatment for bipolar.  The intervention covers key areas such as the diagnosis and causes of bipolar disorder; role of medication; relapse prevention and early intervention; psychological approaches to treatment; the role of lifestyle in treatment of bipolar disorder; advice for family and carers; and bipolar disorder and women.

The delivery of the intervention is entirely web-based in the form of eight modules consisting of video material including a number of interactive exercises in which users are invited to feedback information about their condition and use a forum, which is moderated by a member of the BEPC team.

BEPC are delighted to be able to offer free access to Beating Bipolar to everyone with the diagnosis of bipolar and to mental health professionals in the UK.

To request login details, please email Martina Svobodova at