5 Steps to Deal With Negative Thinking

Posted on 11/02/2013.

5 Steps to Deal With Negative Thinking

Everybody has negative thoughts throughout their life, what is important is not trying to erase or ignore these negative thoughts; it’s about knowing that you have them and dealing with them
appropriately and effectively.

Here are 5 steps to dealing with negative thoughts:

1. Don’t allow negative thoughts to stay too long in your consciousness. Be aware that you have a negative thought but try not to ponder over and over again with the same thought. Let it come into your consciousness and then let it leave your again.

2. Remember that awareness of negative thoughts is not a bad thing. Awareness helps you take action against your thoughts and try and create more positive thoughts.

3. Tell yourself that you own the negative thought and that the negative thought does not own you. Create distance between you as a person and the negative thought. Place an imaginary box around the thought, separate it from yourself and recognize that that negative thought is not you.

4. Challenge the negative thought. Find ways to challenge the negative thought; ask yourself why you are thinking this. Try and come up with logical and rational reasons of why the negative thought should not exist.

5. Try and replace the negative thought with a more positive one. Accept the negative thought put try and put a positive spin on it, let positive energy in and think of something optimistic about whatever you are thinking.