Considerations for sharing your story

Submitting your story for use on the Bipolar Aberdeen website requires a great deal of consideration.

You should keep in mind that feelings about life and wellbeing change over time, therefore the story you share today may not reflect how you feel at later stages in your life. Also, sharing your story via a web site will mean that your story will become publicly available, so anyone can read it.

If you wish to edit, update or remove your story you are welcome to contact us to do so at any time.



Sharing your story does not automatically require you to use your real name. You can use an alias or pseudonym and refrain from giving identifiable information in order to protect your identity and the identity of others featured in your story.

If you would rather not be recognised as the author or central character in the story and are unsure about submitting your story please feel free to contact us to discuss this. 


Bipolar Aberdeen will not pass your contact details onto third parties. Bipolar Aberdeen will respond immediatly to requests to remove stories from the Bipolar Aberdeen website. Bipolar Aberdeen will offer the chance to participants to amend and update stories. Unfortunately Bipolar Aberdeen cannot guarantee to post all submissions to the website. Bipolar Aberdeen will not post stories that are considered discrimatory, defamatory, or otherwise. Due to the nature of the internet Bipolar Aberdeen cannot control third party access to stories.